Our company is InterNACHI and IAC2 Radon & Mold certified. We are trained to assess all home systems, including electrical, plumbing and structural.

Outside of standard residential inspections, ProActive Home also offers services for Commercial Property, Radon, Mold and Termites.


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ProActive Home Inspections, LLC has an established client base within all areas of New Jersey. Our goal is to deliver professional service on every occasion, leaving buyers/sellers feeling informed and confident.

We understand that buying a new property can be stressful which is why we strive to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Whether on a tight timetable or tight budget, we offer a variety of packages that accommodate inspections 7 days a week. All reports are completed immediately following the appointment and issued within 24-48 hours.




  • All of New Jersey

We are based out of the Northern New Jersey area of Bergen & Hudson counties, however we accommodate services throughout the entire state. Please contact us for more information.

RADON: Radon is a naturally occurring radio active gas that can lead to health problems. You cannot see or smell radon which is why testing is the only accurate method of knowing your level of exposure.

MOLD: Mold can pose serious health concerns to occupants of any property. Our certification in mold inspection can help alleviate any concerns around air quality issues.

TERMITE: Termites can cause extensive damage and a lot of times home owners are unaware of their presence. We'll provide accurate termite inspection that will keep your home or business protected.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: Outside of residential home inspections, we also offer services for commercial properties for buyers, sellers and managers.